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I ❤ Makeup

First of all, I love makeup. I love looking at makeup, shopping for makeup, watching people wear and put on makeup… makeup is wonderful. When I was still dating it was always a pet peeve of mine when dudes were like “oh you don’t need to wear makeup, I don’t like long nails, I like natural women.” Good thing I do those things for myself and no one else, bro.

Beauty is Pain

That being said, I am no war-torn veteran to what I would call “fancy” makeup. Since about middle school I have been doing eyeshadow and mascara but in a Maybelline-two-shades-of-brown-and-a-sponge-applicator kinda way. I loved it right away and if I wasn’t wearing some kind of light smokey m̶e̶s̶s̶ look, everyone thought I was tired or something. I blankly stare at those charts for face and eye shape on Google image search and I can never make heads or tails of them, but I’m guessing mine would say something to the effect of “no color on your eyes makes you look tired, girl.”

I am very lucky to be blessed with clear and easy skin (I take absolutely no credit for it) so I don’t often do full-face makeup. I also have worn glasses forever so even when I’ve had my makeup done professionally, I don’t wear fake eyelashes, though I honestly wish I could. 

Therefore, I was pretty stuck on what would even stay on my face very well and so I didn’t evolve my eye makeup routine much as an adult. Until one day, several years ago I heard about ????????? ??????. My life was changed, y’all, like Golem finding the One Ring. I could finally put a cute colorful eyeshadow look on and it would stay even though I don’t have foundation and concealer. From there, I invested in a few nice Morphe brushes (or 300) and the rest is history.

A Colorful Beginning

I have always been a creative person and I am completely color-obsessed. Remember that kid who answered the “what’s your favorite color” question with “R A I N B O W”? That was me. I had worked for a number of years in website and graphic design, so when I finally got the chance to work with physical color in the form of pigments? I jumped in headfirst. 

However, it didn’t take me long to get bored with the eyeshadows I found out there. And who wants to buy the same light tan shimmer over and over again? (ABH, I’m looking at you  ಠ ∩ಠ) So I did what any person who’s crafty, not rich, and hates themselves does, and decided I’m going to make my own eyeshadow!

I’ll definitely get more into depth in the future on this, but I spent months creating my formulas from scratch and perfecting them, Walter White style. One of my goals (and what I lost literal sleep over) was to create a hand-pressable matte formula because it’s a well-known bugaboo in handmade pigments. Once I was in love with my formulas, I was able to get to the really fun part of playing with color, art, and inspiration.

THUS, Kraken Cosmetics was born! I seriously love creating makeup. It feels like what I was meant to do. And my next stop is expanding beyond pressed powder ✪ω✪

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Kraken Cosmetics

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