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Deep Dive: Town Tree Mini Palette

Animal Crossing has been one of my absolute favorite franchises ever. I grew up a Nintendo fangirl but since the Gamecube game, it has been #1 for me. I’m such a dork, I even remember when I first heard of it all these years later. When my parents bought me my Gamecube, I knew the first game I wanted was Pikmin (which also turned out to be an eternal favorite of mine). And inside of the case was an ad for a game where you could “get your own place” and “the game plays even when you’re not there!” Young me was like ZOMG it’s just like being a real *adult*. Adult me wishes young me had better predicted the future.

I’m not time traveling on my island. How about you?

Years after I started playing, my mom became one of those older ladies you hear about that puts 2000+ hours into their town. A few birthdays ago I drew an Animal Crossing mural for her and it included a cute tree in how they appeared in the first several games. 

A Sweet Inspiration

The fruit trees have always been an aspect of AC that I liked. I dunno, I love a good money-generating grind in a game. And then it hit me like a poorly-aimed bug net swing… tree mini palette! The first step was to figure out which fruit to use. I wanted to use three that were as round as possible so they made a good pan cover AND the colors of them looked cute together. Apples and oranges are iconic, and peaches are just plain adorable, c’mon. Plus the color combo was really inspiring to me. So I used the original tree I drew to begin modeling the palette in 5 different sections, one for each color.

Time for pigments!

The last step, and most important, is to create the eyeshadow colors. I wanted them to be reminiscent of the color of the fruit but also not be an all bright neon color explosion. Usually what I do when I start any new color palette is start with an idea that inspires me the most. For the Town Tree, I had an orange color with a gold shift in my head for a while and thought it would be perfect as a start. I ended up adding a bit of pink shift mica to the final recipe to get that orange-gold shine of a peel. 

Then I wanted to create the apple color because reds are brutal to create, especially in a vegan formula. I knew I wanted this one to be a matte because a red shimmer is… tricky to pull off, to say the least. The result was a slightly pink light red and I might be slightly obsessed with this color at the moment. I’ve used it several times already since making it. To be honest, probably  no one’s happier when Kraken comes out with new colors than me 🤣

Finally, I had the peach color to do last and I decided I wanted to lean towards a pink to match the fruit in the game instead of a true peachy shade. Since I had the matte and shift eyeshadows down, this one was going to be a shimmer. At first I had tried a much brighter pink that was really cute, but it made the overall vibe of the palette a little more “Morrocan summer” than I wanted. Plus the colors were all too medium-toned and it needed more contrast to make an easy eye look. Next I tried a far paler pink, and finally settled on a desaturated dusty pink with the shimmer made up of half glitter, half pearl micas.

And with that, I was done! This was a really fun release to work on, and since the beginning of my love for the franchise, I have always been inspired by Animal Crossing. Thanks again for all the support, kind comments, and likes. It really means a lot to me because I truly put my all into Kraken ❤

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