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Mascara: 20 Years of Hate, Part 2

In the first part, I went over the $20 and over mascaras I’ve tried in my search for a forever mascara. I had hoped that a more expensive one would last longer or otherwise justify the price, but not so far. Now for a few standouts in the under $10 category.

ULTA – Twisted Volume Mascara

I was desperate when this decision was made. I think Ulta often puts this one sale for like $5 and I thought why not. It has an adjustable-twist wand and it worked well to achieve the different effects I wanted, but if you dipped it when fully twisted… it wasn’t cute. I never re-bought this, though I think it was fine for the price if you get it on sale. I just don’t order online from Ulta often enough to justify it.

Vivienne Sabó – Classic French Mascara Cabaret Premiere

The title of this project is “Find the Highest Rated Mascara on Amazon”. The masses had spoken and this one was the winner. It was only $8 at the time and I was all in on trying it. The moment it arrived, I tore it open to see what the fuss was about. The wand is smaaaall. But in my head I’m just like “sweet, less chances to bump your eyeshadow”. The coverage was great. It reminded me of the Tarte formula where it is wet and paints your lashes nicely. This might be my favorite I’ve ever tried, but by the time I went back to order another the price was at $13. It seems to either be the norm and I just got lucky on the cheap price before, or perhaps they heard tale of their high ratings on Amazon. I might buy this again at $13 when I need a new one. I keep hoping the price will drop again, though.

Milani Highly Rated – 10-in-1 Volume Mascara

I was (and still am) determined to find a good mascara under $12. So next, I was feeling “how about Milani”? I had heard good things about the brand, it’s a good lower-price mascara, etc. Let’s face it. They all dry out. But I swear, this one started dry. From the first time I pulled out that wand, it was clumpy as hell and I was so disappointed. Maybe I got a bad or old batch, or it sat somewhere hot too long, but it was not it for me. With a good wiggle on application it works out fine and gives among the best length I’ve achieved with my lashes and I would say it’s worth the $9, but I just do not like a clumpy wand. This is the mascara I’m using now, and it’s hard to speak to how long it’s lasting because it has always seemed dry to me. I won’t be buying it again.

My tin foil hat is on

I have a mascara conspiracy theory… I don’t blame the writers (in fact, thank you so much for what you do!), but I think most mascara reviews are written during the first days of use. So many of them do not mention how long it lasts, how often they have to re-buy, the difference between the first use versus the last, etc. If I had written a review for the first use of almost any of the DOZENS of mascaras I have tried, they would all be 4 or 5 stars too.

But alas, the hunt continues for my forever mascara… and if any of you can make your lashes look like the pictures from the ads, HMU 😆

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